About LLB Retail

LLB Retail is a cloud solution that works on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP+POS) platform.

Designed for all retail channels that will help you optimize the performance of your processes, obtain greater profitability and have greater control of your operations. With LLB Retail, retail channels will have a total vision of their business, by being able to control and integrate all their areas (operations, finance, accounting, sales and customer service) allowing complete management of their stores and warehouses from a centralized solution.

A perfect software for your business to grow fast

LLB Retail is designed for those commercial companies whose activities include, among others: drugstores, industrial supplies, hardware stores, construction supplies, electronics and computer stores, gift shops, stationery stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets, quick service restaurants, beauty centers and aesthetics, fashion and shoe stores, etc.

Main Capabilities

  • Stock Control: Simplify item management and reordering with centralized views and system automations.
  • Loyalty: Attract customers and keep them loyal with unmissable offers and personalized rewards and promotions.
  • Available information: Always know what is happening in your business with real-time data, customizable reports and intelligent analysis.
  • Manage your workforce: Plan shifts, approve work hours, manage absences, schedules and costs, and manage your resources within budget.
  • E-Commerce: LLB Retail together with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Shopify will help you create a better shopping experience. The seamless connection between the three systems will synchronize order, stock and customer information to ensure you can fulfill orders faster and better serve your customers.
  • Access Roles: You will obtain access control to screens and data by operator.


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  LLB Retail es una solución líder en el mercado minorista controlando todas las áreas con una solución integral (ERP/POS).


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